Poles Co-Op stocks a good selection of products for the care of your lawn and garden. We supply a great range with some of the best brands and offer very competitive pricing. Call in to see our full range.

Bird Care

We also supply bird boxes, wild bird seeds, nuts, and fat-balls for your garden birds.

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Lawn Care & Garden Chemicals

We provide the best products at the best prices to help keep your garden in top shape and under control this season. Call into our store to see our comprehensive range of garden chemicals and lawn care products.

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Garden Tools

If you have hedges to trim, weeds to kill, or leafs to rake or if you require garden storage solutions, look no further than Poles Co-Op.

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Patio & Moss Killers

Poles Co-Op stock a wide range of patio and moss killers.

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Garden Composting, Nutrition & Bark

To Ensure Healthy growth in your garden, garden composting, nutrition, garden bark.

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Garden Watering Equipment

It is essential to keep your garden watered; we stock a great selection of garden watering equipment from garden hoses and accessories, sprinklers & sprayers and watering cans. Our range offers you excellent quality at best prices.

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Timber Posts & Tree Stakes

Whilst not always necessary when planting a tree, many prefer to stake. For those planting in an exposed position a stake is essential! Our round garden posts are planed wooden fencing stakes that are pointed at one end for easier burying. These timber posts are perfect for a wide range of gardening uses, from fencing and providing support for small or medium plants or trees to creating useful garden structures like leaf mould cages and compost heap enclosures. The timber used for these posts is sustainably sourced and carefully finished and are rounded for versatility. The wood is treated so that it lasts the test of time.

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Grass Seeds

Here at Poles Co-Op we supply a full range of grass and lawn seed.