Animal Feed

Poles Co-op carry a comprehensive range of animal feeds. We have feeds for all stages of growth in Cattle and Sheep. We can advise you on the best feeds for your animals so you can maximise your returns in the market.


David Patton Feeds

Super Beef Nuts 25kg Bag
Beef Cubes 25kg Bag
Dairy Cream 18% 25kg Bag
Calf Follow On 25kg Bag
Elite Calf Grower 25kg Bag
Crunchy Calf Coarse 25kg Bag
Pig Fattening Feed 25kg Bag
Super Beef Nuts Bulk
Beef Cubes Bulk
Dairy Cream 18% Bulk


Ennis Farm Feeds

Lamb Krunch 18% 25kg Bag
Supreme Ewe & Lamb Krunch 18% 25kg Bag

Greenvale Animal Feeds

Primestock Muesli
Showbiz Turbo
Coarse Calf Muesli


Drummonds Feeds

Drummonds Calf/Weanling Ration Bulk

Corby Rock Mill

Intensive Lamb Pellets 25kg Bag
Prime Ewe Pellets 25kg Bag
Super Ewe Pellets 25kg Bag
Supreme Beef Blend 25kg Bag
Free Range Pellets 20kg Bag
Layers Mash 20kg Bag
Golden Calf Starter Crunch 25kg Bag
Calf/Weanling Grower Crunch 25kg Bag
Chick Stater 20kg Bag
Golden Calf Starter Crunch Bulk
Calf/Weanling Grower Crunch Bulk


Lakeland Feeds

Lakeland Weanling Crunch No 1 25kg Bag