Silage Plastics

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A wide range of crop packaging products are available from Poles Co-Op. All our products are sourced from leading manufacturers worldwide:

Silage Covers

  • Are available in a range of sizes to fit all pit shapes and sizes.
  • Maintain the ideal storage conditions for your silage.
  • Are highly resistant to weathering.
  • Guaranteed 12 months UV-Stability
  • Have maximum tear resistance. Each polythene sheet/cover is actually made up of 3 separate layers that are extruded independently and then joined together to form one single strong sheet.


  • We stock Silawrap and Quinn Wrap
  • Premium quality polythene, for wrapping all types of silage
  • High strength, easy to use & recommended by leading baler manufacturers
  • Incorporates  UV protection which guarantees resistance to degradation from sunlight
  • Pallet deals available


  • We stock the Rhino brand

Baler Cord

  • “Round” balers – 22300ft rolls
  • “Small Square” balers – 12000ft  rolls
  • “Large Square” balers – 7200ft rolls
  • All our twines are top quality and are designed to suit all machine types.
  • We offer a complete range of High Quality Polypropylene Baler Twines in a variety of sizes

Silawrap Volac QuinnWrap Zeus Goldcrop