Animal Husbandry

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Our store carries a wide range of products for cattle, sheep and pigs for both the farmer and smallholder alike. Covering all areas of livestock husbandry, you will find calving and lambing products, clippers and shearing tools, hoofcare products, and even a range of handling and showing items plus much more…

In our calving section you will find calving aids and ropes, castrators, scour formulas and other accessories needed for the care of your cattle.

For lambing and care of your young sheep we have all that you need, once again including colostrum’s, twin lamb solutions and other tonics, feeding, castration or any other accessories for the lambing season.

For clippers and shearing we have blades, cutters and combs, hand pieces, mains shears, battery shears, oil and many other shearing and clipping products for sheep, cattle and horses as well as a range of pet trimmers. The brands stocked are Lister, Liscop and Liveryman and product servicing is also available.

Our hoof care products include a range of knives, oils and foot bath solutions. In our handling and showing section we have a range of crooks, halters and show preparation products.

For identifying your stock or keeping track of your flock we have all you need in markers and marking fluids. A comprehensive choice of harnesses and crayons, marking fluids and raddle plus sticks and aerosol sprays are available.

And, if all of this is not enough, we are sure to be able to source a solution to any other animal husbandry need that is not already provided for.

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