Poles Co-Op offers a wide range of equine feeds, supplements and accessories, in addition to many other products.

Feeds & Feeding

Poles Co-Op stocks the following brands of horse feed:
Red Mills, Bluegrass, Poles Haylage.

Health, well-being and first aid products

Poles Co-Op stocks the following brands of equine health, well-being and first aid products:

Animalintex, Gamgees, Hypocare, Gold Label Horse Care, Leg Ice, Skin Care Products, Mud Fever Remedies, Udder Creams, Pig Oil, Sweet Itch Remedies, Itchy Skin Remedies, Wound Cream, Hibiscrub, Wound Powder, Louse & Feather Mite Control, Vetrap Bandages, Eye & Nose Cleanser, Carr & Day & Martin, Net-Tex, Horse First – Relax Me, Horse First – Back to Form, Horse First – My Joints, Horse First – Cuppra, Horse First – Garlic & More, Horse First – Keep Me Sound

Hooves and Hoof Care

Poles Co-Op stocks a wide selection of products for Hoof Care:

Hoof Hardener, Hoof Moisturiser, Hoof Gel, Hoof Putty, Hoof Disinfectant, Effol, Carr & Day & Martin Hoof Oil, Tea Tree Hoof Oil, Daily Hoof Moisturiser, Daily Hoof Barrier, Cornucrescine Hoof Ointment & Hoof Barrier, Net-Tex Hoof Shine, Net-Text Quick Gloss, Poultice Boot, Heavy Duty Black Tape, Hoof Oil Brushes.

Dealing with Flies

Poles Co-Op stocks a wide selection of products to help owners combat the problems with flies, such as:

Equine America Citronella Summer Horse Spray, Leovet Power Phaser, Carr & Day & Martin Extra Strength Insect Repellent Spray, Net-Text Fly Spray, Barrier Fly Spray, Net-Tex Fly Repellent Shampoo, Net-Tex Fly Cream


Poles Co-op stocks the following brands of equine supplements:

Equine America supplements and health care products, Linseed Oil, Cider Vinegar, Cod Liver Oil, Naff health care products and supplements, Hors Lyx, Hubblick., Garlic Honey & Glucose


Poles Co-Op stocks the following products for your stable:

Hay Nets, Stall Guards, Stable Fixings, Bedding, Tubtrugs, Brooms, Forks, Fyna-Lite Forks, Future Fork, Rubber Matting, Jolly Ball, Likit, Snackball, Likit Tongue Twister, Likit Boredom Breaker, Little Likits, Feed Bins, Corner Mangers, Water Carriers, Sirocco Stable Deodoriser, Cribox, Wheelbarrows, Electric Fencing (Hot-Line).


Poles Co-Op stocks a wide selection of stable bedding. We stock the following brands and types:

Chopped Straw, Straw and Shavings.


Poles Co-Op can supply all the grooming products you need:

Brushes, Combs, Sponges, Tack Boxes, Grooming sprays, Canter Mane & Tail, Cowboy Magic, Dream Coat, Show Sheen, Net-Tex Detangler & Dressing, Net-Tex Quickstain Remover, Net-Tex Super Stain Remover, Net-Tex Finishing Touch, Net-Tex Lynn Russell Quick Plait Spray, Net-Tex Finishing Touch, Carr & Day & Martin Medicated Shampoo, Conditioning Shampoo, Extra Strength Shampoo, Sheath Cleaner, Equine America Whitening Shampoo, Equine America Waterless Grooming, Equine America Fungatrol Shampoo, Equine America Tea Tree Shampoo, Equine America Equine Shampoo, Equine America Citronella Shampoo, Dermaline Medicated Shampoo, Insecticide Shampoo, Barrier Lavender Wash, Clipping Oil, Wahl, Barrier Fine Clipping Oil.

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