Mineral Supplements

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Poles Co-Op offers a wide range of animal nutritional products to help and support the growth and development of animals. The range covers dairy, beef, and sheep.

We specialise in the Inform Nutrition range of animal nutrition products in both bucket and bagged minerals. The range covers dairy and beef. These are high spec minerals and their specifications can be seen below.

We have promoted Uniblock mineral buckets for a very long number of years now and they have a huge range from the ever popular Uniblock Lifeline buckets for sheep and for cows to the high mag buckets and beef booster buckets. Recent additions from the Uniblock stable of products are the Garlic Bucket (helps reduce tick and fly problem in your stock in the warm months) and the Dynamite bucket (helps increase forage intake and animal performance).

In recent years Poles Co-Op have become agents for the Euro Bloc (Grassland Agro) range of mineral blocks and Algae Feed (a 100% Irish Seaweed Meal) also.

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